We have been working with builders, developers and architects since 1936, designing and installing Architectural and General Metalwork.

We work predominantly in the Southern and Central England and provide a wide range of services from estimating cost, doing concept and detail design and prototyping, and manufacturing and large scale installation on site.

Our accumulated in-house skills are both deep and wide ranging. We can economically tackle projects varying from stainless, brass and powder-coated work to mass-produced, low cost, galvanised steelwork and consider ourselves able to compete in work packages of £20,000 up to £4m.


We operate from our own properties with in-house machining, polishing and powder coating capacity and are able to also include cladding, coping, timber, glass, plastics and electrical controls into our work, using tried and trusted subcontractors, where we need.

Our hallmark skills are reliability, practicality and professionalism and we work to EN 9001 to ensure that the processes, drawing approvals, correspondence, contracting and valuation of work is dependable and done to the same high standard of our workmanship and engineering.


Our clients are long-standing customers and prestigious businesses, being mostly the largest and most active Building Contractors in the UK today.

At the core of our business is our design philosophy of partnership and cooperation – to fully detail all aspects of the job with our customers to accommodate the architects concept, the client’s budget, the engineering constraints and the relevant British Standards.


Our brochure illustrates a range of the recent contracts we have undertaken and indicate the diversity and volume of work that we do.  If you would like to use us to price, design or undertake your architectural metalwork or offer our advice on detailing and finishes, please contact us.

We look forward to working with you.